Sweet Peas

Released at: March 28, 2008 by Ohh Tee Kay
This video came about because of Cecil B. receiving requests to do a diaper video. Cecil finally decided to honor those requests. So here we have the story of two grown up and very beautiful women dressed up in baby clothes, to include diapers, bibs, etc, and using all of the "toys" that real babies would have; rattles, bottles, and crib. They have been very bratty, and were even caught in sexual play with each other. Their guardian decide to invite a friend over to the house to help punish them for being "bad little girls". We here at Ohh Tee Kay Productions certainly hope that all of you out there that enjoy seeing a big girl spanked while wearing diapers, and then having them removed and spanked on their bare bottoms, will enjoy watching this film as much as we enjoyed making it. ~Cecil B.

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