Superfuckers 16

Released at: September 25, 2002 by Hustler
No cock can withstand an attack from the **SUPERFUCKERS**. One looks at these exquisite specimens will cause the limpest dick to spring to life. The mere touch of their flesh lets loose a geyser of splooge. What mysterious forces could grant such powers to a mortal woman? Space rays? A magic ring? The bite of a radioactive bug? Fuck all that shit. Pierre Woodman and Larry Flynt made the **SUPERFUCKERS** the champions of cocksucking and anal mayhem that they are today. These pornographic geniuses have crafted an army of dripping-wet uberbabes and unleashed them on an unsuspecting populace. Even now they come, their holes agape and dripping, to devour your rod. Consider yourself warned: Your boner will not survive **HUSTLER'S SUPERFUCKERS #16**

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Lyty Berty

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