Sunny Leone Panty & Lingerie

Released at: July 31, 2020 by Playtime Video
Super model Sunny Leone is back by popular demand to tease our panty boys. Gorgeous Sunny poses for you in her black silk and lace bustier, black garter/stocking combo with black sheer nylon thong panties. She lets you look from below as her panties disappear between her perfect ass as she coos.She sits spreads, stands, and bends, all to give you crisp shots of those tasty panties. She takes control of the camera as she pans her entire body. She slides off the panties and poses in just the stockings and garter. Next, in her sexy school uniform complete with white thigh highs and black tie pumps, Sunny begins another panty boy tease. She shows you her white silk bikini panties that shine from the light. She stands over you and asks "do you want to see my white panties?" Fuck yea! She gives you every pose you could ask for, all done to show you her perfect form in those panties. She offers you up her nylon covered feet as this naughty schoolgirl has a surprise for you. Again she takes the camera and shows you that she's hiding white, cotton thong panties under the bikinis. She strips to show you the thong and stands directly over you, tugging at the panties before they slide off and she tosses them to you. Next, Sunny poses in her bedroom in a print bustier, white lace top thigh highs and matching thong string back panties. Superb over the camera poses. She gets on the bed to spread wide because she knows it turns you on. Off with those panties as she lightly caresses her trimmed sweet pussy. This girl will steal your heart and make you melt. Panty lover's heaven on earth.

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