Summer Sapphic Seductions

Released at: October 15, 2018 by SexArt
Sex Art explores the passion created when you mix two beautiful women in passionate settings under the heat of the summer sun. Rosaline and Margot are doing some topless sunbathing until their thoughts turn to one another's bodies. Coco walks into the backyard to find her lover swimming topless. An afternoon on the ocean gets even hotter as Margot and Nancy take turns pleasing one another with fingers and tongues. Makeup sex is even better outdoors as Cherry and Stasy discover. Sexy models Timea and Kiara eagerly go at each other as the summer sun drives them wild. You're invited to join our pool party. Bring your own lotion!

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Nancy Ace

Scene4: 00:54:28 - 01:15:21 (20:53)

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