Sugar Baby Diaries With Mackenzie Mace

Released at: July 4, 2022 by Fuzzy Peach Productions
This weekend I spent a couple of days in Fort Lauderdale with my sugar daddy. I got to the hotel room to meet him and had some time to spare. I called one of my girlfriends and told her about the trip and the toy he bought me but I couldn't make too long of a call...I had more important things to do! I noticed we had some inflatables for the pool later. "How would Daddy feel if I were to play with them and my toy early? Who knows, I might just put on a show for him as he walks in the room. I hope the bellhop isn't offended easily, haha, I thought to myself!" I wore my "Yes Daddy" shirt he bought me and some blue jean shorts, his favorite but we know they didn't stay on for long. As soon as Daddy got there I blew his mind with my oral skills! I gave him a slow sensual bj, just the way he likes it. I twisted and twirled my tongue up and down his shaft. I then used my hands to slowly twist on his cock until he erupted with cum! It was a good weekend with Daddy!

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