Released at: June 18, 2021 by Hentaied
Few days ago, a small funny accident happened to our sweet baby girl Haneen (our first meeting with the tiniest girl in porn is here: Tiniest girl in porn! ). She was crawling all around the living room and by coincidence got stuck in her beautiful table. There is nobody in the house just Haneen and an Alien Monster, which lives under her bed (first date of Haneen and Mr. Alien you can find right here: Haneen and Mr Alien ). The show begins slowly. Firstly, Mr. Monster gently takes off white beautiful stockings. After, he goes all the way to Haneens little creamy pussy. Meanwhile, our baby is frighted, but somehow the feeling of joy and excitement rises in her little body from every touch. So, the moments, when two black monsters penetrate her, she will remember forever. Haneen tries to get out while moving her tiny pretty ass again, but there is no chance. So, she decided to give up and enjoy the process of being fucked by the monster she was afraid of her entire life. However, the unbelievable amount of pleasure the cute lady gets, let her forget about all her fears. In few minutes Haneen conquer all her limits of pleasure. She gets that sweet Ahegao face, which is absolutely priceless. Her facial expression with rolling, crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and slightly reddened face, shows enjoyment and sexual pleasure in the most perfect way. Even tears come from her incredibly beautiful blue eyes. By the end, Haneen explodes with the fresh hot monsters cum all around the room! Her creampie looks like a piece of art. However, our baby with her tired helpless body is still stuck in the table, but at least now she is properly fucked.

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