Stepdad...Can I Have a Towel?

Released at: September 8, 2019 by My Pervy Family
Growing up, my daughter would ask me to get her a towel all the time. Bath time was a great bonding experience for us, and we had so much fun together. We used to blow bubbles together in the bathtub, and she would love to splash water all over....that I would have to clean up later. But she was always so happy during bath time, that I never got mad. So when I heard my (now grown) daughter calling out to me saying that she needed a towel, the parental instinct in me just reverted back....and I got her a towel. But this time was very different. There weren't bubbles in a tub any more. It was a steamy shower, and there were soap suds beading off my daughters now developed breasts. I was so caught off guard that I didn't know how to react. But apparently the lower half of my body wasn't having a hard time reacting. She quickly realized that her Father had a boner, at the sight of seeing his daughter's wet naked body... But she didn't freak out, in fact.... she was having fun seeing her Dad squirm in embarrassment. Then she did something that I never thought she would do... She asked me if I wanted to touch her! She told me that it would be our secrete, and that Mom would never need to know... Watch as my daughter shows me how grown up she has really gotten, and that the shower isn't the only thing that is making her wet! Note...She gets me to cum twice! The 2nd time she strokes the cum right out me with her handjob.

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