Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume Eleven

Released at: January 23, 2018 by Team Skeet
Seniority girls are usually super bitches, especially when it's time to haze a new pledge. As soon as Shane gets to the house, they blindfold her and make her finger their pussies. trying to guess which girl it is just by the taste. After that they begin to shove some food into her pussy. Can Shane survive the hazing and have what it takes to join these naughty sisters? Coach says whichever girl performs her best today will get a ticket to the big soccer future. The girls play their hearts out, but coach wasn't satisfied! They ask if they can go back to the clubhouse to discuss this. Once they get there, Zoe proposes that the girls fuck their coach. Whoever does it better, that team gets the tickets, and of course, the coach agrees! Avery is super excited to spend this year's friendship day with her besties! They try on lingerie and seeing each other in this light makes them think. They are such good friends but never ever kissed. What's up with that? They start to sock tips and realize what they have been missing out on this entire time. The lips tasted so good, but what about those tits and pussies! Lingerie league basketball is almost in season Coach leads the girls on some techniques and drills. After working up a sweat the girls huddle together they were not just going to discuss their game plan, but also talk about their touchy coach. They were totally into it and decide to invite her back to their apartment for a little after hours training!

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