Speak No Evil

Released at: April 13, 2000 by Sunshine
3 Babes in Slavegirl Hell! "Speak No Evil" is a tale of nothing but evil. A cruel bitch, Helga (Ariana), goes way beyond the sadistic teases of other doms; she treats all three of her miserable, masochistic slavegirls (Randi Rage, Kaetlyn and Chloe) worse than dogs. Leashed by chain into cells, they slumber and eat out of bowls on the cold cement. "Good slaves only open their mouths to give thanks or eat pussy," Helga says. When someone breaks a vase, she goes ballistic, directing an explosion of sadism at each babe in turn, then at two together. The shrieking of naked girls would raise the dead--and any man's dick too.

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