Sodomania 4: Further On Down The Road

Released at: July 11, 2001 by Elegant Angel
In **Sodomania 4** you get five separate vignettes, each with it's own special flavor! Beginning with the adorable Misty Rain, Lilli Xene, and Chad Thomas, we are treated to the screaming need of an impassionate mute girl whose innocence is exploited by a hedonistic duo... or is it? In our second story one of the newest and kinkiest girls in the business, Chelsea Ann, adds a whole new dimension to appetite control. High in calories and low in fate! Next, the hottest and nastiest girl I've ever met Tiffany Mynx, teams up with one of the only girls in the business that can match her intensity ... the incredible Nicole London. They turn the tables on a perverted peeping Tom, and thief Troy Ballou, who has broken into their home. A heavy price is exacted is exacted upon this young man for his dirty deeds! In our fourth scenario, the petite blond with the electric blue eyes and big titties is Lynden Johnson. She's a feature dancer who comes to my office to tell me what kind of sex scene would really turn her on. Her dream lover is Tony Tedeschi, and she wants me to set up a scene that involves her teasing him and him doing her... Maybe I can help, I'll do my best! In our final scene, Brittany O'Connell returns as the infamous nutwhacker, Julliane St. Croix from Sodomania, Tales of Perversity... but this time she meets her match in the form of an ultra kinky couple (the sizzling Carmel St. Clair, and the depraved Alex Sanders), who turn the tables on our demented temptress... or do they? Maybe...maybe not! Sincerely, Patrick Collins

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Scene1: 00:03:13 - 00:26:52 (23:39)


Misty Rain

Scene2: 00:27:38 - 00:42:38 (15:00)

Scene3: 00:43:30 - 01:06:40 (23:10)

Scene4: 01:07:20 - 01:27:54 (20:34)

Scene5: 01:28:33 - 02:06:17 (37:44)