Sexy Wax

Released at: December 7, 2020 by Aubrey Naughty's Wild World
After hearing about Aubrey doing "Wax Play", Lucy had been begging for Aubrey to cover her huge fucking tits and big, beautiful ass in wax, so Aubrey jumps at the chance. Lucy waits with eager anticipation as Aubrey starts to get set up. Aubrey decides to use several colors to do just that and begins getting the wax to melt in preparation. After testing the temperature of the wax on herself, Aubrey slowly starts to drip the hot melted wax over those luscious tits and nipples, teasing and tantalizing Lucy as she does. You can hear Lucy start to moan from the combination of pleasure and pain from the hot wax. Changing colors one by one to create just the right artistic piece. The feeling of the hot wax is very sensual and starts to get Lucy excited, which of course only encourages Aubrey to play with Lucy's pussy a little. Once she finishes the front, she starts working the wax over that round ass. Lucy loves the feeling of that hot wax being poured over her nipples and slowly dripped down her ass crack. Aubrey makes sure to get plenty of wax running down Lucy's ass crack. Lucy is moaning and squirming as she enjoys all the sensations from being artistically covered in wax. To add even more sexy fun to the mix, Aubrey starts rubbing ice cubes over the wax and up into her pussy. Then she places an ice cube at the crack of Lucy's ass and starts to cover it in fresh hot wax. Lucy looks like a Masterpiece by the time Aubrey is done dripping and pouring all the different color waxes on her.

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