Sexual Disgrace #6

Released at: April 25, 2020 by Fetish Network
"My Master loves my big real breasts. The second he could he wrapped them tight with black tight rope. He kept smacking them as he plunged his huge dick deep down my throat. He fucked me so rough the rope flew off." - Dillon Carter "I didn't even get to take off my dress. He chained me in his dungeon, ripped my topped down and filled my throat with his cock. It's so big but I needed it. I kept begging for it. I wanted to gag on it all night." - Jayden Rae "I shouldn't have told him I liked getting fucked in my tight asshole. That's the only place he would put his hung cock in. I begged him to go slow but that only made him go fast and rough." - Fiona Rivers

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Jayden Rae

Scene3: 00:48:23 - 01:06:43 (18:20)