Sexual Circus Freaks

Released at: September 19, 2002 by Dreamland U.S.A.
**Pre-Op Female-to-Male Transsexual Practices with Strap-On Dildo** A female power lifter just announced her upcoming transsexual surgery. "I have the muscles, now I want the cock", she said. Until next month's operation she is tirelessly training with a strap-on, while pulling hair and bullying her female sexual partners **Super Stretching Snatch Engulfs Mans Face!** He though he would eat a little pussy, but her certainly never expected the pussy to eat him! This amazing muff can stretch farther than any other beaver on the planet! **Clit or Cock!?** With a fully working set of both male and female genitalia, this "Dick-Clitted Hermaphrodite" can have g-spot orgasms and shoot wads of cum simultaneously. It is currently believed that the subject has actually impregnated itself! **Spineless Cocksucker Swallows His Own Cum** A compulsive masturbator recently underwent surgery to remove three disks in his spine so that he could blow himself. The surgery was a success. The patient now compulsively sucks his cock. **Piercing Addict** A Cleveland woman obsessed with body piercing and tattooing checked herself into an addiction clinic after piercing her asshole. Her "No Holes Barred" attitude has made her very popular among the sexual addicts who also reside at the clinic.

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