Sex Tape (Not!)

Released at: September 3, 2014 by Hot Mess Entertainment
We found 5 scenes that were never meant for public viewing. Private tapes... sex tapes... made by real-life lovers, or by "producers" for their personal collections, and we bought the release rights. We found three scenes in a storage locker and tracked down the owner. There's a private tape Savannah made as a gift for her boyfriend... it's a dual blow-job with her buddy Courtney Cummz. Then there's Flower Tucci, Courtney and Dave, who had a brief three-way fling, and did a sex tape as a keepsake. We bought it as well. There's nothing hotter than real sex in front of a camera... but not ~~for~~ a camera. Sex Tape, Not. Hot, yes!

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Scene1: 00:02:04 - 00:34:38 (32:34)


Angel Long

Scene2: 00:34:38 - 00:48:09 (13:31)

Scene3: 00:48:10 - 01:18:12 (30:02)

Scene4: 01:18:12 - 01:34:45 (16:33)

Scene5: 01:34:46 - 02:10:34 (35:48)