Sex Education with Religious Stepmom

Released at: October 18, 2022 by House of Fyre
You're back home after you had to divorce your wife. Unfortunately, that means putting up with your stepmom's religious fervor once again. She launches in... "I'm glad you've returned home to me. I want you here with me my sweet boy, but you know this house shelters not the unrepentant. Before I agree to let you stay, I need to know that you see the errors of your ways. It's clear to me that you need another lesson. You need to be cleansed of your sins. Are you ready?" You know what's coming, and you're not exactly looking forward to it, but also... she does actually know how to fuck, so it's not a total freakshow, right? She has some really huge breasts, a good ass, and a super tight pussy. "You thought you knew better, but I told you only animals do it doggystyle. You do remember me telling you that, don't you?" Ah yes, you remember this vividly. Your stepmom is explaining that the only "correct" and holy position is missionary... and she showed you by... demonstrating all the "incorrect" positions, which was super weird. Now here you are again, stepmom showing you with her own body how NOT to have sex with a woman. "In this position, you can only focus on my bottom and my vagina. You can see your penis going in and out of me, and your attention is drawn there, isn't it?" She calls you out, shaming you for enjoying yourself. What else are you supposed to be doing right now? Does she really think you're not supposed to have a hard dick while learning your lesson about what a sinner you are? Stepmom is so strange. She drones on, "Luckily, you divorced her because of her sexual immorality. So you can remarry without being an adulterer." Whoa. Yeah, this is getting intense. You need to have offspring, so you must remarry. Got it. *Eyeroll*. You're just trying to concentrate because you know there's a test in here somewhere. Oh, and here it is. "I need to know that you can 'get the job done' from this missionary position while looking into my eyes. Only then will I know I can trust you're trying to be better. And then you can stay here with me." She explains that she's not on birth control, of course, so you have to pull out. You're so turned on that you do exactly what she says, pulling your swollen cock out and spraying your cum on her bush.

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