Selfies 2

Released at: March 21, 2023 by Deutschland Porno
Tuesday 14th april. This morning I watched a pretty girl masturbating in the park. I just addressed her and went straight to her lingerie. With me in the apartment we have then continued the frivolous games. It followed the fuck of my life. Such horny, plump natural breasts and a world-class ass like this you have not seen guaranteed yet. Wednesday 15th april. In the cafe I meet a nice couple. The bride was the hammer. A black fuck frog with mega tits and picture book ass. I invited the two to my pad and actually it came to a threesome. While Mike has pressed his conquest the strap to the stop in's juicy asshole, I've stuffed her the pill man in's mouth. Even when we had fired our sperm on her big areoles, she still kept on polishing her wet cunt. Friday 17th april. vacation! For a long time I have promised my permanent lover Steffie to fly into the sun. Today is the day. The hotel is top. We do a lot and have a lot of fun! In the afternoon on our balcony terrace I collect my reward. Steffie gets naked in the blazing sun. I oil her butt cheeks with pleasure and lick her fragrant plum. Then she puts her juicy mouth cunt over my red glans. I get' now still 'ne goose bumps. Thank God I had the camera with me to capture everything in the picture for you. Have fun with it, guys!

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