Seka Triple Feature 4

Released at: October 20, 2009 by Alpha Blue Archives
Ultra Flesh 1980, 88m. Seka, Lisa DeLeeuw, Angel Cash, Jamie Gillis. Dir: Svetlana. Seka plays an alien sent to earth to cure a global impotence crisis by shooting erection beams from her pussy. A classic and hilarious XXX sci-fi flick! "F" 1980, 78m. Seka, Annette Haven, Little Oral Annie. Dir: Svetlana. Dream girl Annette Haven seduces a cabbie and brings him to the "House of F", a bizarre sex factory where sexual fantasies (and nightmares) come true. Another off beat and fantastic journey from Seka and director Svetlana. Heavenly Desires 1979, 85m. Seka, Serena, Johnny Keyes, Jamie Gillis. The Devil (Johnny Keyes) sends a pair of sexy succubae to corrupt a virgin sorority so the sexy coeds wind up with him in hell!

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Scene1: 00:00:02 - 01:03:54 (1:03:52)


Scene2: 01:03:54 - 02:43:42 (1:39:48)


Scene3: 02:43:42 - 04:11:18 (1:27:36)