Screw My Wife Please! #68 Raw and Uncut Part 4

Released at: September 24, 2009 by Wildlife Productions
Originally filmed in front of a live global audience on July 24th 2009, Screw My Wife Please!! #68 was the second of the award winning serieis to be streamed live over the internet while it was being made. Five brand new couples lived out their wildest sexual fantasies throughout 14 hours of shooting. Dave Cummings and director Bob Rinaldi invited legendary actress Nina Hartley to co-host this event with them and it turned out fantastic. The footage we present to you now is Raw and Uncut, the final version is still being edited. But, you get to see the action now as it happened. It is an open set and you are invited! Part 4 opens with a special treat. Nina Hartley, after watching other people have sex for a good portion of the day, releases her pent-up sexual frustration by masturbating with a glass dildo bringing herself to a much needed orgasm. Next, we see the photo shoot featuring our next wife, a stunning brunette named Alexis. Alexis and her husband Alex have been married for two years. It is actually the husband's fantasy to see his wife have sex another man. With the super-endowed Chris Charming as her porn stud, I doubt he had much difficulty getting her to agree. Nina pops her head in after a little while and introduces herself to Alex before she has a little fun with his wife, playing with Alexis' pussy, spanking her and pulling her hair while Chris is ramming her doggy style. Alexis impressed everyone one the set, including Chris said she could go Pro if she wanted to.

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