Schoolgirl Learns Spanking, Caning, Enema Dominance Part 1

Released at: March 4, 2006 by A Wizard of Ass
18 year old schoolgirl Ivy's S/M lesson is how to become a dominant; she gets to practice on another girl, pain-slut Madison Young, under the guidance of their master. But Madison is very feisty, and often turns the tables on Ivy! With effort -- and some catfights -- Ivy learns how to spank, paddle, belt and cane a girl (while getting some of that back from the feisty submissive, as well as from her master every time she makes a mistake!) She also learns how to use a hairbrush for paddling -- and its handle as a butt/pussy dildo. Finally, she leans how to put a girl in hogtie bondage, and torment her with suppositories, hot wax and large enemas (expelled into buckets and on the toilet.)

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