Scene Of The Crime

Released at: April 4, 2007 by ZFX Productions
When a tough and sexy private eye, Angela Hutchins, is hired by a jealous husband to spy on Michelle, his unfaithful wife, it seems like a routine case of marital infidelity. But things aren't always what they seem in "Scene of the Crime." On the second night of surveillance, things take a strange twist when a mysterious masked intruder breaks into Michelle's house, apparently unaware that he is being watched. Angela looks on in shock as Michelle comes home only to be ambushed by the waiting villain, who roughly binds and gags her, seemingly bent on robbery. As Angela races to the aid of the hapless Michelle, her surveillance cameras capture every moment of Michelle's terror, which include a mouth stuffed to capacity with everything from money to her own panties while her full breasts, soft thighs and belly are spattered with hot wax as her captor demands something of value. When Angela arrives on the scene she is too late. The only trace of Michelle is two Polaroid's taken of her tied spread eagle on her bed. Then the ransom demand comes. Michelle's keeper wants $1 million in cash within 24 hours, and no cops, or Michelle will disappear for good. Her shaken husband makes arrangements to pay the ransom, borrowing the money from his already financially unstable savings and loan, with Angela acting as the delivery girl. But when Angela shows up without the money, which she has stashed elsewhere, Michelle's furious captor is determined to find the hidden loot, or take it out of Angela's hide. Find out then what dastardly things happen to Angela in "Scene of the Crime".

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