Russian Model Magazine #6

Released at: November 6, 2001 by In-X-Cess Productions
Your Senses will thrill to the exotic escapdes of: **Elonna** **Age:** 19 **Job:** Student **Born:** Moscow **Favorite Movie Star:** Keanu Reeves **First Sexual Experience:** With her boyfriend at her house. **Ambition:** To graduate college and find a good career. She is a true Russian beauty who loves it up the ass and she swallows to after a good suck. She squats on him line no girl can and he rewards her with cum across her face. Not to be messy she cleans up every drop with her __tongue__! **Tatianna** **Age:** 20 ** Job:** Student **Born:** Mumansk **Favorite Movie Star:** Kirk Douglas **First Sexual Experience:** With a boy on a boat at a lake.. **Ambition:** To win a beauty pageant. This beauty really knows how to fuck, she's only 10 but obviously has done this before. She goes crazy and her man lets her know he loves it. He paints her face with a white creamy paint of his own! **Katia Age:** 18 **Job:** Student **Born:** Kiev **Favorite Movie Star:** Leondardo DiCaprio **First Sexual Experience:** With a boy after school in an old farmhouse. ** Ambition:** To be a movie star or a horse trainer. Wow! What a ride or should we say what a rider. She will whip you into a frenzy of pure passion after watching this solo. It's just you and her, so get comfortable. **Natasha Age:**22 **Job:** Bank Teller **Born:** Moscow **Favorite Movie Star:** Eddie Murphy **First Sexual Experience:** With her boyfriend at his house. **Ambition:** To get married and have children. He is in the bath and she is in the mood and it's not long before the soap starts flying. He pumps her full of his manhood and she sucks him like a vacuum cleaner, together they both need a fire hose to clean themselves off.

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