Runaways 4

Released at: November 29, 2001 by Dane Productions
**Chastity Sienna / Jay Ashley** Tired of following rules, this hot little chunk of pussy learns that nothing is for free in this brutal world... Upset at her folks, Chastity hits the streets in search of the American dream...instead she finds a garage, a couple of bikers and that her asshole has more uses for it than going to the bathroom!! **Stephanie Kitty / Pat Myne** When her father passed away and left her mother penniless, she started dating again... Of course moms new boyfriend wasn't as interested in her peebag old pussy as much as her fresh, ripe, 18 year old daughter's twat. One night of raw lust leads to many. **Mandy Brooklyn / Kyla Brooks** When she leaves the safety of her parent's house, will she do something that she will be ashamed of later on in life... nawww... Unless you count the porn shoot her boyfriend talked her into to pay the rent. **Emergency Room Lea / Johnny Trust** Bad decisions and a life on the streets lead a runaway to a tragic ending..

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