Runaways 3

Released at: July 10, 2001 by Dane Productions
Christina Black / Mike Horner: Running away and nowhere to go. Follow the education of a teenager who has a hard life lesson to learn. A lesson that she feels obligated to pay off - anyway that she can. Charisma / Sharon: A pimp with a drug habit exploits a runaway with no home, who is doing what she has to, to survive. Kaitlyn Bradley / Roy L. Shaft: An actual time breakdown account of a runaway, from day one of leaving to the time that she ends up in the sack with some poor bastard. A schmo who is willing to feed and shelter her for a price... to be paid in pussy, tits, and ass. Casey / Kid Vegas: A beach runaway who is away from home for the firsttime learns what happens when she accepts help from strangers.

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