Roxy Loves Pain

Released at: June 26, 2007 by Club Jenna
Pleasure and pain are 2 sides of the same coin. Roxy is on edge and ready to flip. She's through suppressing her savage sexuality... but to inflict or to submit - that is the question. Chanta Rose is Roxy's mentor and mistress as she delves into her submissive fantasies - from the intricate art of rope bondage to the cruel crack of a whip. While Roxy is busy pursuing her education, Claire Adams takes pleasure in tying and flogging the delicious Mika Tan, who offers up every willing hole. At last given the chance to dominate, Roxy teams up with Nicole Sheridan and finds an adept slave in the voluptuous Voodoo, who proves that leather restraints can't stop her from satisfying two women at once. Of course, men can be equally demanding too... as the vicious Master Van Damage is eager to prove. Strung up like a marionette and starving for cock, Roxy is pulled and pushed into a tangle of tempting positions and brought to the brink of masochistic pleasure. This torrid account of one woman's need to unearth true sexuality her will fulfill all your most turbulent desires.

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