Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene 4

Released at: August 26, 2009 by Rick Savage
Beautiful young Zoe has sought out Dr. Savage because she can't understand her recently discovered malady. It seems the young lady becomes sexually aroused when she experiences pain. Well...who better to examine Zoe's "problem" than Dr. Rick Savage. Fortunately the doctor films his examinations, so we now get to view this intensely erotic, excruciating medical scene tease. First, Zoe is instructed to strip. When the doctor sees her pierced nipples and shimmering pink lingerie he tells her to pause in the removal of her clothing. Better....take a close look at this. After pressing the head of his stethoscope (which he stores in the refrigerator naturally) deeply and painfully into each natural boob, the doc commands Zoe to bend over and rest her chest on his gurney. As he puts on a latex glove and slides her panties down, the doc informs his young patient of the need to do a quick inspection of her anal plumbing. Without the benefit of any lube, Dr. Rick's index finger suddenly probes past her sphincter, deep into her anal cavity. Ungh. What delightful grunts and groans Zoe makes as the doctor's finger adds some anal tease to Zoe's medical scene. But what's this? Do our eyes deceive us? Upon removing his finger from her arse, does the same finger go directly into her mouth, inspecting her teeth and gums? Oh..say it ain't so. Next, it's time for the tit tease. In other words, Zoe's breast exam. In the pocket of his lab coat, the doctor finds a stray pair of panties, which he assumes belong to his last patient. He tells Zoe to hold them in her mouth. Now, steel tongs are used to pinch, squeeze and twist Zoe's natural titties. Then, the doctor stands behind his young patient so he can press, squeeze, pinch DEEPLY into her boob flesh with his bare hands, inflicting Dr. Rick's favorite kind of tit tease. The panties stuffed in her mouth now serve as a gag, muffling her screams as Dr. Savage conducts his harsh breast exam. As Zoe squirms, the doc realizes that he needs to "probe deeper" into her tits. So, rope bondage combined with a dog collar and chain leash are used to restrain pretty Zoe so the doctor can finish his tit tease. Errr...we mean breast exam. The evil doctor squeezes deep into her tits with his bare hands and appears to be trying to lift the young lady off the floor by her boobs. For some reason, tit spanking and tit flogging are also part of Zoe's breast exam. Nipple tease becomes part of Zoe's medical exam as the doctor now ties strong twine to each nipple ring, and attaches the twine to a medical stand over Zoe's head. The twine now painfully pulls her tits upwards by their piercings. This causes Zoe tremendous pain and affords us a most amazing view of painfully stretched nipples. A Wurtenburg pinwheel is now used to further "examine" Zoe's tits. The doctor surmises, that if THIS incredible amount of pain is arousing her sexually, then we might have a very serious case. Dr. will next test this pain/pleasure syndrome by delivering a great deal of pain to Zoe's gorgeous, teardrop shaped butt globes. Rope bondage is used to frame her glorious ass and to restrain her hands. A ball gag is placed in her mouth just so that her screams do not scare the patients in the waiting room. After some bare handed spanking puts a nice glow in her pretty buttocks, the doctor assaults her derriere with a leather flogger. Her ass punishment now alternates between spanking, flogging, spanking, flogging, with some harsh pinching and squeezing mixed in. Zoe's butt punishment then gets serious as the doctor uses his leather paddle to give his young patient a sound ass paddling and finally, a good caning. For the final portion of her medical examination, Dr. Rick introduces various forms of pussy tease. Zoe is tied to the gyno table, with a ball gag in her mouth and very wicked clamps attached to each shaved pussy lip. Eventually the clips are removed, leaving deep teeth marks in her tender labia. The pussy tease steps up as Dr. Rick uses the steel tongs to pinch, twist and pull her tender lips. After tormenting her sore pussy with a strong, antique vibrator, a 5-clothespin zipper is attached to each bare pussy lip. When her lips are good and throbbing, the wicked doctor yanks on the twine, ripping the zippers off of her tender lips. Zoe's amazing reaction to this startling jolt of pussy pain is something.....you just need to see for yourself.

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