Rick Savage Japanese Schoolgirl Medical Fetish Scene

Released at: September 6, 2009 by Rick Savage
I met Asian porn slut Cheryl Dynasty in New York recently. In conversation, she professed to being a total submissive and also mentioned a fascination with medical scene S&M. I agreed to film her and was glad to hear that she brought her Japanese schoolgirl uniform with her to NYC. I told her to return to my dungeon the next day, and be waiting for me on her knees, at 11a.m., on the floor of the medical room, wearing her Japanese schoolgirl attire. Following is the account of Cheryl Dynasty's medical fetish scene. I entered the medical room to find Cheryl obediently kneeling on the floor. The youthful Asian star looked cute in her black shoes, white sox and schoolgirl uniform. I commanded her to rise and asked her if she was ready for her medical examination. She replied, "Yes Doctor Master." I began to immediately put Cheryl in rope bondage, but I performed the bondage on the outside of her uniform. Soon enough, she would be completely naked and bound to one of my examination tables, but I wanted to first get some footage of this little Japanese schoolgirl in bondage. The rope encased her upper torso just above and below her tits and also restrained her arms behind her back. I placed a ball gag in her mouth and instructed my patient to bend over and place her forehead on a walker. This caused her schoolgirl skirt to rise, giving us a glimpse of her white cotton panties. I lifted the skirt and tucked it under her hands, giving us a full view of the panties. The first part of her examination would be a spanking. You see, we needed to examine her ass flesh and assess its' sensitivity. After a good bare-handed spanking on the outside of the panties, I pulled them down just below her cute butt cheeks and gave her bare buns a hard spanking until my hand hurt. At that point, I used my favorite leather flogger to beat her little butt until it glowed nicely. A hard paddling with a leather paddle followed. Judging by the redness of her ass cheeks and the screams emitting from beneath the ball gag, the doctor in me deduced that Cheryl's ass cheeks are in perfect working order. Next, rope bondage is used to affix Cheryl to the walker with her legs spread slightly. Her white panties have been replaced so to get things started, I flog her pussy on the outside of the white panties with a small RUBBER flogger. But soon however, the panties are history as, evil doctor that I am, I pull down her panties to reveal nice, thick succulent shaved pussy lips, with a nice tuft of dark Asian hair just above her clit. At this point I remove my steel tongs from the freezer and use them to tug, twist, pinch and pull on Miss Dynasty's delicious labia. Pussy punishment is most definitely a part of my examination technique. As the screams increase beneath her ball gag, loads of drool drips out of her mouth, down onto her schoolgirl uniform. Before her next medical procedure, more pussy flogging with the rubber flogger is in order, so as to "prepare" her young shaved slit for the next procedure. To begin that procedure I affix very sturdy clamps, connected with a chain, to each pussy lip. Then I empty an entire bag of wooden clothes pins, affix them to the chain so that they now serve as weights, tugging on the clamps attached to her sensitive labia. Several times now, I lift, and drop the clothes pins causing Cheryl to cry out so nicely beneath her ball gag. For her next medical procedure, a wheel chair will serve as my bondage bench. Kneeling, facing the back of the wheelchair, rope bondage is now used to affix Cheryl to the chair. The bondage circumnavigates her head, passing though her mouth, so rope now serves as her ball gag. Once again, I test the resiliency of her assflesh by administering a hard spanking with my bare hand and a long, hard paddling with a very severe leather paddle. My young patient's white cotton panties have onceagain been put back in place, so she receives some blows on the outside of the panties, but the majority of her ass punishment is administered directly to her bare bottom For the final portion of her examination, thick rope is used to bind my young patient to the gyno table with her feet tied into the stirrups. Except for her cute white sox, my little schoolgirl is now totally nude. Her ball gag is restored. (Don't want to scare the other patients with her screams.) A spreader bar holds her legs wide open. After a bit of pussy play in the form of a flogging with the rubber flogger directly onto her vulnerable twat, medical forceps are attached to each shaved pussy lip. The handles of the forceps are then tied to her knees. NOW my wicked little flogger has access to flog the inside of her wet pussy. Ah, little splatters of wetness as my flogger connects with her pink, all the while, such delicious cries and moans emerging from beneath her gag. I zoom my camera in super close for a view inside her young Asian cunt. The forceps are tightly pinching her lips. To add variety to her pain, I frequently touch a strong vibrator to the forceps and to her clit. Judging from her reactions, I judged Cheryl Dynasty to be quite a normal Asian girl with the exception that she appears to be very turned on by pain. Of course, some might consider that normal considering old school teachings to young Japanese girls who were always told, "Your life....is a river of pain." Anyway, I took a piece of duct tape and used it to tape the vibrator to Cheryl's pubis area in such a way that the vibrator would rest against her clit. I then left Cheryl alone in the medical exam room to....meditate for an hour or two while I went out for a cup of coffee. Naturally, before leaving I made sure to put brand new batteries in the vibrator.

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