Regarding Jenny

Released at: October 5, 2009 by Maddy G Productions
Like many girls in 'The Valley', Jenny Densuke had dreams of being a movie star, but the struggles of being a model in such a competitive industry was beginning to wear her down. So when her boyfriend David found her a gig in the small town of Erie, PA., Jenny took the leap of faith and got on a plane to begin the adventure of a lifetime as the new Contract Girl for Amateur Porn Star Marie Madison. With a new job and the support of new friends, Jenny enters the World of Amateur Adult Entertainment and sets out to be the star she always knew she could be. ?Featuring hot sex, and hilarious hijinx, "Regarding Jenny" is the first adult feature film in over a decade to star an Abyss Creations Real Doll in the lead roll. With an amazingly sexy supporting cast including Exclusive Contract Star Jade Houston and Amateur Porn sensation Marie Madison, "Regarding Jenny" is more than just a film for the pure Doll Fetishist, but for anyone with a dream of making it big in a small town.

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