Reel Life Videos 38 - Sheryl, Shelby & Simone

Released at: October 29, 2009 by Magic Moments
Sheryl 27, blonde, beautiful and shaved was a little nervous about doing her first scene, but soon gets exited as she tells how she likes to masturbate with her vibrator in front of a mirror...then shows us! This gets wild as Sheryl starts to spank her own ass as she cummmmms! Leaving a very spent girl with a very messy bottom. Next up is some heretofore unseen footage of beautiful 32 yr. old Shelby! This bushy brunette with the outrageous body gives us a pulse pounding show with her industry strength vibrator. This was Shelby's first scene for RVL! She enjoyed it and so will you. Simone (phone sex girl from Volume 34) is back! This footage is very hot as she talks about her turn-ons and uses her special toys to get herself off again and again. If you love to see the REAL THING in single girl masturbation; this is a must see!

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