Reel Life Videos 15 - Myrisa, Brian, Jack

Released at: July 3, 2009 by Magic Moments
Come inside and meet Myrisa, Brian and Jack. First, Myrisa will take of her sexy black lingerie and show you what she's working with. But it's when Brian and Jack finally join her for a scorching threesome that the real fun begins! Sabrina may not be mentioned on the cover, but she offers a hell of a masturbation scene that you really should see! She begins with a little stretching, which shows us her body perfectly! Finally, she pulls out her vibrator and fucks herself. Nice!

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Scene1: 00:00:42 - 00:43:27 (42:45)


Jack, Brian

Scene2: 00:43:29 - 01:16:32 (33:03)