Real Sex Magazine 34

Released at: July 2, 2001 by Juicy Entertainment
19 year-old Ariah is visiting from Portland, Oregon. She has this awesome big, plump, round ass that begs to be worshipped. And that's exactly what Rick does while they both really get off on each other during their super-hot scene. If you're into asses like we are, then Ariah is your girl! Buffy and her boyfriend, Justin, are really into each other and it shows during their scene. They come from Las Vegas and are visiting LA for the first time. Buffy is tall and very lean with small, "AA" titties and a very sexy face. She also loves to fuck and watching her getting off is guaranteed to turn you on! And Justin drains his balls twice! With a truly beautiful face and firm, tight body, just looking at Misty is enough to get you off. First she diddles her clit, and then she sucks on a dildo. But when you see her pull the dildo out of her pussy and squirt her hot pussy juice all over the place, you will lose all control and make your own mess with her! Be prepared! Maxi is not the typical innocent teenager that you've come to expect from the RSM series. But she is so sexy that we had to bring her to you anyway. This is her 1st scene and she really shows her stuff with muscleman Lee Stone. Maxi claims she can out-fuck any old teenager, and she proves it here!

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