Real Sex Magazine 14

Released at: June 8, 2006 by Exquisite
Hot and nasty Nia is an 18-year-old Filipino tight-ass from Los Angeles. For this, her second video scene, Nia first jerks herself off, then fucks the shit out of her boyfriend. She may look innocent, but don't let her fool you. Nia loves it when her boyfriend yanks his cock from her ass and cums in her mouth! Born in Canada and raised on a Montana farm, 21-year-old Princess is definitely the outdoor type, complete with her natural unshaved bush. Most girls are a little shy for their first scene but not Princess. This girl literally dives right in, sucking and fucking like a seasoned porno slut! Lean and bouncy Kiki is a dancer from central California. For her first video scene, she plays with herself, first with her hand and then with a vibrator. Kiki says she never masturbates at home, because her boyfriend is always ready and willing to satisfy her. But she hasn't forgotten how! Stephanie lives in central California where she attends a local university. She traveled to LA recently just to shoot her first video scene. She's only had three guys before now. And she's never tried anal sex before, but guess what? Watch and you'll see her virgin asshole get pounded to orgasm!

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