Real Naturals 15, The

Released at: March 26, 2002 by Ed Powers Productions
~~The Real Naturals #15~~ is a variety in itself. Lovely Ayla and Trask explore their desires to share their sexuality on camera. I love watching loving couples; it's so real and passionate! Veronica Velour, Alan Knight and myself go further in an on camera sexual exploration. I'm the other man in this threesome. Enjoyment and excitement are communicated through sexual heat. Veronica expresses herself with curiosity and first time interest. Tawni can be every man's fantasy but lucky Ricky is the man! Ricky brings Tawni to ultimate heights! Tawni is very pretty, sexy and into it! Misty Parks and John make a fine couple that know how to push the right buttons or should I say "Lick the right buttons." John and I team up to please Misty in a threesome. That was fun! ~~The Real Naturals #15~~ is here. Please Enjoy! -Ed Powers

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