Puritan Video Magazine 42: Teens Across the Pond

Released at: March 10, 2003 by Puritan
With innocent smiles and firm round asses these **Teens Across the Pong** are hot and nasty. They love to fuck anytime, anywhere. College students Elizabeth and Leonardo study the finer points of anal sex. Cute Suzanne gets lubed by horny car mechanics Kat and Alex. Alex plunges his dipstick deep into Kat's tight ass. Lindsey gets a thorough anal examination by hunky doctor Alex. Roommates Monica, Leonardo and Gabor sizzle in this no holes barred threesome on the living room couch. Picture this! Artist Renato paints figure model Nikky Blond with loads of gooey hot cum!

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Scene4: 01:05:37 - 01:28:27 (22:50)

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