Projekt: Fetisch - Dream Girls

Released at: February 2, 2006 by Inflagranti Film Berlin
She is young, beautiful and very nosy - she is a trainee at INFLAGRANTI. Lorena dreams often about the beautiful girls with long legs on the fetish covers and would like to experience the extravagant lust herself. When she had to sort out some films in the warehouse, she couldn't help it - her fingers had to play with her body parts! She is caught by 3 long-legged girls in net stockings who suddenly seemed to appear out of her wet fetish dreams in the middle of the boxes and shelves! But the girls are no dream and she feels this very quickly when they work hard on her with big toys. She is in ecstasy and feels her first multiple orgasm! But this should not be her last one. This dream journey goes on outdoors, in the Berlin Zoo and ends with a wild group orgy in bed. No wonder Lorena has difficulties getting back to reality!

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