Private Party

Released at: May 28, 2020 by Lesbea
Lexi Dona and Paola Mike are all dolled up and ready to hit the town, but just before they head out, their plans drastically change. These two gorgeous lesbians decide to stay home and have a private party. There are only two guests, and no more is needed when the invitees are as sexy, athletic, and fun-loving as Lexi and Paola. Once they're totally naked, Lexi backs her booty up onto Paola's mouth and grinds her wet pussy against her tongue. Driven wild by Paola's expert cunnilingus skills, Lexi just has to get up close and personal with her lover's twat. She spreads open her lips to get a deeper look at Paola's inner folds, then plunges her fingers inside and massages her all the way to climax.

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