Practicing On Her Stepfam

Released at: July 26, 2022 by Fantasy Massage
Jane Wilde is celebrating an anniversary with her boyfriend, Codey Steele, and has a special idea in mind... but needs some help! She goes to her step-sister, Chanel Grey, and asks if she can practice massaging her. But then Codey unexpectedly arrives. Although the sisters feel guilty, they think fast and invite Codey to join them. Aften Opal has big dreams of becoming a world-class masseuse! She's busy studying for an exam but she is so frustrated. She decides to practice with her stepdad Brad Newman. Aften realizes she needs to practice on a woman too, which is when Brad calls Aften's stepmother, Sheena Ryder. The sight of two naked, beautiful, glistening women causes Brad to pop a boner. They decided to ALL take a sexy study break! Savannah Sixx received a box addressed to her but her stepdad Tommy Gunn takes a peek inside and finds NURU bottles. He asks more about the massage oils and Savannah explains that she wants to go into massage therapy! But Tommy still doesn't quite believe Savannah, so she offers to massage him to prove it.

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