POV Cuckold Vol. 9

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Roman Video
The hottest blonde in the business is back for more cum-filled cuckolding action. This time Courtney Taylor is your wife, talking trash directly to you, making you obey her commands, and making you lick up the creampies gushing from her pussy. Right away she tells you how it's going to be. She's bringing home a lover and you're going to sit in the corner or the bedroom while they fuck and laugh at you. Your little dick doesn't so it for her anymore so you'd better get used to it. She's an Orange County Princess and she gets whatever she wants! You protest, but Courtney takes your penis in her warm, luscious mouth and sucks you until you agree to her perverted wishes. Then, before you can stop her, she locks your minimalist manhood into a chastity device and taunts you with the key hanging around her neck. Enter lover Johnny who proceeds to pound your beloved bride's pussy with his much bigger cock. She screams with ecstasy as he fucks her to multiple orgasms. Doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl; that huge erection beats her dripping pussy into submission until he explodes deep inside her. Courtney lies back, spreads her legs and orders you to suck her lover's prodigious load of cum from her freshly fucked hole. You dive in and slurp it up like it's your last meal. But it isn't your last meal. Later, Courtney comes home from another date. Her panties are soaked with another lover's semen. She demands that you lick it up before she releases you from your chastity prison. Again to your matrimonial bedroom where you are given a chance to fuck your beautiful bride one more time, but only because Courtney wants you to feel the cum of a better man squishing around your tiny dick. Instead of being revolted, you are so turned on, you fuck Courtney with demented ecstasy until you erupt!

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