Pick Up Lines #41

Released at: October 9, 2007 by Silverstone Entertainment
Fabulous beauties, passionate sex, luxury locations and artistically graphic videography ... Pick Up Lines! Sizzling blonde Aspen Brock loves getting driven outdoors on a Humvee. Out by a pool, precious Asian jewel Jade cuts loose with Brandon Iron's huge, hard weapon splitting her petite, little ass. Hugely hung Mark Davis likes chocolate with his vanilla, so he tastes Rayna and Feathers after their interracial girl-girl lickfest. Sexy, dusky Dee takes a thrill ride on Jack Napier' monster meat monorail. With a handy dildo, Native American princess Papoose takes pleasure into her own hands. Slutty Amber and Chaz check in for a menage-a-trois with Norman Bates, who can't resist his primal urge for anal nastiness. And shapely, young newcummer Bunny Luv gets broken in by Andrew Youngman.

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