Penny Barber vs Mistress Kara

Released at: January 2, 2020 by Kink Clips
Welcome to the Queen of the Mats Summer Series Tournament on Ultimate Surrender. We have 13 of This season's finest veterans and Rookies in a single knockout Seeded tournament. Today we have our #7 ranked wrestler put against our #1 ranked wrestler. Penny is our #7 wrestler. She is a Curvation, big tit, big ass, Brunette MILF who is known for cuming on the mats. Her wrestling skill is very good but her compulsive orgasms on the mat have lost her many fights which is why she is ranked #7. Kara the Queen is ranked #1. She was originally ranked #2 behind Ariel X but Ariel has had to pull out of the tournament due to injury. Dee Williams will take Ariel's place. Kara will be bumped to #1 ranking, Dee Williams will default to #2 ranking. Kara is the Queen for a reason. She easily Dominates her opponents and makes them call her Daddy. Today, however we get a nice surprise. Right of the bat, Penny is able to secure a Head Scissor and it puts Kara into trouble. Penny takes the lead in the beginning of the match and this mentally effects both wrestlers. Kara tries to come back in full force but is it enough to win her this match? Kara knows she promised to give up Anal if she lost on Ultimate Surrender again. So anal is on the line today. These girls put in a lot of effort but only one can move on. The winner drags the loser into the locker room. Loser is fisted in the pussy and fucked in the ass. Loser is humiliated and made to concede her loss, She's out of the tournament and the winner moves on to get orgasms out of her next opponent

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