Peepshow Special #5

Released at: September 25, 2002 by Private
Mitchel is on her knees on the seat of the car, licking her boyfriend's huge rod. Later, in a house, she receives a good ration of oral sex, going on to hard penetration. Bending over she lets his penis perforate her tight backside and finally receives his load of semen. Laila, a beautiful black sylph, goes to an interview for a job and ends up having a gang bang with three guys. They penetrate her in all positions before entering her narrow backside. Janni and her boyfriend are being spied upon in their car. Being followed to the woods, she soon agrees to lick three erect rods. Her large breasts are soon bouncing in all directions, now very aroused, she takes the rods in all her cavities. This great sequence culminates in a tremendous come shot. Suzzi, a beautiful brunette, is having a picnic in a private garden. Without knowing that our hidden camera is filming her, she licks her partner's gigantic rod before opening her backside. During this session she reaches various incredible orgasms.

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