Party Puppet

Released at: August 3, 2005 by Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Taylor drops by the studio on her way to a party with her puppet in tow. Mistress Kelly is so happy to see her that the ladies decide to have their own party... an ass worship party. Their Ass worship party is punctuated with armpit worship, spitting, verbal humiliation and the introduction of a popsicle into Mistress Kelly's wet pussy. The popsicle is also enjoyed at the expense of the puppet. Mistress Taylor also fucks the slave as reward for licking her ass while clothespins are attached to his tongue. Mistress Kelly has had a hard day at the dungeon and is relaxing on the couch when Her friend Mistress Taylor calls. She is going to a party but wants to stop by on the way. While Mistress Kelly waits for her friend you are treated to some terrific solo verbal directly into the camera from Mistress Kelly. She invites you to lick her dirty asshole and explains why all men are pigs for her to use without mercy. Mistress Taylor arrives and Mistress Kelly greets her at the door and sees Mistress Taylor has her slave/driver along. The ladies talk in the kitchen as the slave puppet begins to worship Mistress Kelly. Moving to the living room, the ladies order him to strip and begin what will be a long night of ass worship for the puppet. Two gorgeous Mistresses in leather utilize the puppets face for their pleasure. Mistress Taylor asks him how he enjoys the scent of a new Mistresses ass and jams his face into Mistress Kelly. Prolonged ass worship is broken up by a bit of armpit worship as the Mistresses make the puppet clean the sweat from under their arms. Training the slut under hot lights in leather makes a Mistress hot. Mistress Kelly tries to determine how far She can push puppets face into Mistress Taylor as both ladies amuse themselves and debase the submissive with their leather covered asses. The puppet gets a treat as Mistress Taylor orders him to lay his head back on the couch and she tears open her fishnets exposing her gorgeous pussy. She face sits him as Mistress Kelly kneels beside and chokes puppet and touches his penis. You find yourself looking up from below the toilet chair as the ladies spit down into your face and verbally chastise you from that point of view. Puppet is placed under the toilet chair and the Mistresses spit down into his face. Mistress Taylor sits down and orders him to lick her ass clean as Mistress Kelly turns the crank to raise his head. The puppet does as ordered and licks for all he is worth. The Ladies finish up their fun with puppet in the toilet chair, leaving his face slick with spit and their juices. They move into the dungeon and Mistress Taylor uses the blue straps to hold her legs apart braced over puppet's face. Mistress Kelly lends an assist as Mistress Taylor gives puppet a taste of the inside of her ass. She then turns and, with Mistress Kelly helping spread her ass cheeks, makes puppet keep on licking. Mistress Kelly gets into the act as her bisexual nature compels her to stimulate Mistress Taylor's clit orally. Mistress Kelly takes a turn in the swing as the puppet keeps on licking. Mistress Taylor fastens two clothespins to puppet's tongue so that it is not too pleasurable. Mistress Kelly grinds on his face until the clothespins pop off and then Mistress Taylor climbs on as Mistress Kelly moves between his legs to play with his stiff cock. A brief break shows Mistress Kelly sucking a lollipop and swinging into puppet's face. She makes him suck the lollipop after she has inserted it into Her wet pussy. They lie him down and make him hold the lollipop while Mistress Taylor fucks it like a cock. Finally, Mistress Taylor gives the puppet some relief and puppet is rewarded by inserting his cock into her. She teases him by only allowing a small bit of

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