Other Woman, The

Released at: May 2, 2023 by Pure Taboo
There's trouble in paradise as Tanya (Nicole Kitt) and her boyfriend, Ron (Donny Sins), start their day. There's tension in the air as Tanya tries to get close to Ron, though Ron reads her affection as being clingy. When Ron returns home from work that evening, Tanya tries to please him with a romantic dinner. However, instead of making things steamy between them, Ron only becomes puzzled and uncomfortable. Finally, Tanya snaps. Claire (Arietta Adams) is surprised when her stepfather Gavin (Ryan Driller) comes home early from a gala where he was given an award. Not only is he home early, but his wife Tara (Audrey Madison) is nowhere to be seen. Gavin glumly recounts how Tara ruined the entire evening, making such a stink that he decided to leave out of sheer embarrassment. Suddenly, Claire seems to get an idea. Why don't they celebrate all of Gavin's achievements together? Both of them grow progressively more aroused. They know it's wrong, but can't ignore the desirous feelings that are emerging. Claire offers to show Gavin just how much she admires him. She takes out his cock and blows him, which leads to sex in the entranceway. At one point, Tara comes home and interrupts them, but they don't care. Gavin and Claire continue to fuck, with Claire making sure he receives all the recognition he deserves.

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