Only Fuck Her For Money and Wealth

Released at: May 19, 2021 by Only3x
Mario (RAUL COSTA) wants to impress Gold Digger Szilvia (VIVIANA) with his boat at the lake, but she is expecting a yacht and not a little boat with an outboard motor! She badly needs to fuck as she likes only sex and rich guys - but mostly sex. So he takes her to a friend`s house to fuck her. They have hot sex but afterwards he says he is going back to the lake to relax, fish and enjoy his boat. She can take the bus into town and find a new cokehead boyfriend who likes gold diggers! The sun is shining, the sky is blue and Mario (RAUL COSTA) is hoping to have some relaxation at the lakeside. With him is his new Gold digger girlfriend Szilvia ( sexy VIVIANA from Romania). Trouble happens when RAUL shows her his boat - its just a modestly small one with an outboard motor. But VIVIANA dreams of Monte Carlo and has been expecting a large yacht on the small lake! She is however feeling horny. The Gold Diggers priorities are sex and rich guys - but sex mostly ! RAUL is also wanting to fuck her. So after her whining he suggests going to a friends house near the lakeside where they can have sex. We cut to the house and the smart lounge. VIVIANA does not waste time. She drops to her knees and starts tugging on RAULs large dick. He stuffs it into her mouth as she chokes on his manmeat. The whore licks away and sucks his knob with gusto which only turns him on all the more. Pushing her backward over a low metal table, RAUL spreads the slut`s legs and starts licking and fingering her moist, shaved tight cunt. She moans in delight. He inserts one, two, three fingers and frigs the bitch, turning her on. Next he has his tongue on her pussy and burying deep for the clit. She loves the way he licks her... First position is missionary as RAUL slides his cock deeply into her lovebox. The whore moans in ecstasy. VIVIANA is a very cute brunette with a toned and fit body. She clearly loves to fuck. RAUL increases speed, slamming his cock deep within her. Suddenly he swings our Gold Digger around and starts to hammer her doggy style. Its a great position for hammer-fucking and soon our stud is slamming his ten inches up inside the walls of her cunt as VIVIANA moans loud and asks for more. In and out, in and out, RAUL increases his speed and length as he piston whips the slut`s vagina. Dropping to the floor, next up is cowgirl position. VIVIANA gets on top and slides RAUL`s greasy manmeat deep inside her. She arches her back sticking out her tight butt so that the cheeks stand out. Soon the guy is slamming his cock up and down her cunt as she rides him and moans in ecstasy, clearly a whore who enjoys her work ! When RAUL has finished a long and sweaty workout, VIVIANA gets off and sucks the cock, slurping on her own cunt juices. Then she switches positions and now rides him reverse cowgirl style. We can appreciate her tight teen-style body, natural boobs and very pretty face. Our stud keeps up the pace and continues slamming dick deep inside the little bitch. VIVIANA moans with pleasure. Last main position is spoons with each person on their side facing the camera, RAUL behind the girl. Its a comfortable position for sex and RAUL makes the most of it, slapping his cock deeply into the whores vagina. Maybe its almost too comfortable because eventually our stud cannot hold back any longer. RAUL pulls out his dick and shoots a load of white hot cum all over VIVIANAs cute ass cheeks ! She smiles like a pussy cat that has got the cream ! Later RAUL says he is going back to the lake - he wants to enjoy his boat and do some fishing. He advises our Gold Digger to take a bus into town and find herself a new guy - some rich cokehead who likes to waste money on sluts and wants a Gold Digger girl friend!

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