One Night in Cassie

Released at: November 17, 2021 by Cassie Cummings
Cassie Cummings and Smash Thompson waste no time getting down to business in this video! Smash just can't wait to be inside her! He ravenously devours her asshole while stroking her girldick so Cassie squirms and moans while he does it. Then he finger fucks her to make sure she can take all of his impressive cock. When it's finally time, Cassie lays back and Smash slides himself deeply into her. After missionary position, they transition to reverse cowgirl - Cassie's favorite position! She happily bounces on his dick while hers flops around leaking everywhere. They move into doggystyle next and you can tell Cassie loves feeling Smash fill her up. They too are going at it wildly until Smash pulls Cassie up by her throat and really pounds at her! She's loving the treatment and soon Smash pumps her ass full of his cum. This is a super hot scene that you do not want to miss out on!

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