On A Echange Nos Meres #3 (We Swapped Moms)

Released at: November 17, 2020 by Fred Coppula Prod (French)
Not seen on television anywhere. Catherine and Francoise are two mothers who decide to switch families for a week. Not knowing what they will get themselves into, they put their best feet forward and have to adapt to their new home and take care of their new family in more ways than one. Catherine has great big tits for a titty fuck. Francoise Gaubin in a lesbian scene with the very pretty and younger Tiffany Doll. Catherine coaches Nasta Zya in a handjob, blowjob and footjob. Francoise in a threesome. Then Catherine Tartass gets a happy ending.

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Scene1: 00:00:41 - 00:35:24 (34:43)

Scene2: 00:35:27 - 00:52:55 (17:28)

Scene3: 00:52:58 - 01:19:43 (26:45)


Nasta Zya

Scene4: 01:19:47 - 01:44:39 (24:52)


Bruno SX

Scene5: 01:44:42 - 02:02:02 (17:20)