Of Time & Passion

Released at: May 12, 2000 by Legend
Once Long Ago, the male half of a vaudeville dance duo gave his girl a bracelet because they would love each other forever... But that was just a fairytale. Follow this token of enduring love through the decades, from the depression to the war to the seventies and finally the turn of the millennium. Five historically themed scenes of wild, passionate sex between lovers before they fall out of love. There Was Romance... If you could travel back in time, would sex be more romantic, or would romance produce better sex?

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Scene1: 00:04:49 - 00:15:26 (10:37)

Scene2: 00:18:02 - 00:30:51 (12:49)

Scene3: 00:31:50 - 00:45:48 (13:58)

Scene4: 00:48:14 - 01:02:51 (14:37)

Scene5: 01:03:25 - 01:14:03 (10:38)