Obey The Bitch Volume 2

Released at: August 25, 2009 by Charisma Gold Entertainment
Mistress Charisma Gold has a slave today who is willing to do everything for his mistress. It's hard punishments and a hard scene again. This movie starts with slave Harry locked in a small cage, upon his release it's right on his hands and knees to get whipped and spanked by his mistress. Next he gets some hot wax to the back before Mistress Charisma starts in with the CBT by putting clothespins all over his cock and balls and then applying more hot wax. Finally it's back to more whipping and spanking to close out this session.

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Scene1: 00:00:16 - 00:09:46 (9:30)

Scene2: 00:09:46 - 00:17:09 (7:23)

Scene3: 00:17:09 - 00:34:29 (17:20)