North West Pecker Trek 5

Released at: March 28, 2001 by LBO
**__A HELPING HAND**__ Mandy asks Rodney to take her picture in front of a scenic view. The view of Mandy alone is pretty spectacular... especially when Rodney gets to see more of her hot body back at her apartment. What a butt! What boobs!! What a blowjob!!! What a __Rodney Blast__!!! (Oh yeah, they fuck too). **__TWO BUTTS FOR RANDY**__ Vanessa and Sundae get tired of waiting for Randy, so they start licking each other's pussies. When Randy does arrive, their pussies are already worn out, so poor Randy has to settle for fucking them both in the ass. You've got to feel for a guy in that situation! **__HOMELESS AND HORNY**__ Rodney finds young Natasha asleep on a bench. She has no home, no money, no food - but a killerbod. Kink, considerate Rodney takes her to his home to feed her. She's so hungry that she's ready to eat anything put before her... including Rodney's rod she's so grateful for Rodney's kindness that she offers him her butt. -And a Rodney Blast for dessert! **__A CLOSER LOOK**__ Vlad spots pretty lynx sitting in her window, practically naked. She invites him up for a closer look. He no sooner enters the room when she literally attacks him, ripping his clothes off and throwing him on the bed. He gets the fucking of his life. Nasty, nasty little lynx! **__WET RAVEN**__ Rodney and Raven are out on a sailboat on Lake Washington. She sucks him and he east's her. They fuck, he comes on her face. Well, what else did you expect Rodney to do with a girl on his boat? -Fish for salmon?

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