Nineteen Video Magazine 42

Released at: July 12, 2001 by Dane Productions
Have you ever regretted not getting with as many girls as you could have - or, should have - when you were in your late teens and early twenties? Then this series is for you! Here's a breakdown of the scenes. The Price of Love: An older sister has to help her younger sibling save her boyfriend's life. A gangster across town wants his debt to be paid in beatings, bullets, or the world's most highly accepted commodity - hot schoolgirl ass! Beachball: The coach is working the hell out of these girls to get them ready for nationals. Find out what he's really thinking when he drifts off to sleep at their break. Daddy's Boss: He was waiting for my dad. He commented how beautiful I was for someone so young. I told him I was over eighteen, and I was an adult. When he asked to use the restroom, I should have checked it first. I would have taken out my soiled, wet panties. I never realized that he would do those nasty things. I feel so ashamed ... so ashamed. Immoral Proposition: A multimillionaire has an obsession that must be fed. Fresh, young twat is the only thing that will satisfy his perverted carnal desires. Armed with a hench-woman (secretary), a limo, and $10,000, they go on the hunt for schoolgirl pee-hole.

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