Nikki Jayne's Cum For Me

Released at: October 26, 2009 by Vivid Premium
Ass. Mouth. Feet. Tits. Pussy. When B. Skow focuses, he really focuses. In this fascinatingly horny series of vignettes, each star concentrates on one part of her body, using it to get you off in a tease style that only B. Skow can deliver. And of course once the tease is done, each scene explodes into B. Skow's trademark brand of full-on, hardcore fucking and sucking. In other words, when Nikki says: "Cum for Me," you'll have no trouble complying...

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Scene1: 00:53:52 - 01:40:46 (46:54)

Scene2: 01:40:47 - 02:16:10 (35:23)

Scene3: 02:16:11 - 02:59:03 (42:52)

Scene4: 02:59:04 - 03:37:17 (38:13)